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Why Choose MTPAY?

Your TRUSTED & RELIABLE Payment Gateway


Multi Currency

We Provide payment and settlement in multiple currencies, namely MYR, SGD, THB, IDR and VND.

Fast Approval

Time is gold, We will approve your application promptly to enable you to start your business in no time.

Flexible Settlement

Cash flow is indispensable, MTPAY provides a flexible settlement processing day at your convenience.

Easy Integration

MTPAY is easy to integrate into any e-commerce platforms; it is ready to use anytime, anywhere.

Secure Payment Method

We secure all transactions with no fraud.

Multiple Payment Methods

We provide different payment methods such as online banking, credit card and e-wallet.

Zero Document Needed

There is no lengthy process in MTPAY since documents such a bank statement and company registration certificate are not required.

No Setup Fee

We waived setup fee for our system so that you have one less thing to worry about.

Complete Support

We provide you the support you need to destress you from your business headache.

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